"I will say that this was exactly as advertised. This system went together very easy and looks fantastic. Thanks again, Troy" - Troy Bolton

Accurate Exhaust helped supply my complete exhaust system for my 1967 barracuda coupe for our 440 4 speed swap. Worked closely with me to source the Schumacher conversion headers, and provided tech-support during the installation when we had questions. Exceeded my expectations in quality and service.- Douglas Boldt


Hi Tom I recently purchased one of your accurate exhaust packages for my 69 GTX. It's really awesome! I really like the sound now and I know the engine breathes a lot better. I had a muffler shop do the installation and they were pleased the exhaust system fit like a glove. Thanks. I will recommend your exhaust systems to any Mopar gearhead. Here are some photos of my car. Frederick C


"I purchased your complete system for my Challenger project and was thrilled with the quality of your products.  I've told everyone who see's my car how great your parts fit. (The car won 1st place E body stock class at the 28th Annual Mopars With Big Daddy) Regards, Michael"

I'm taking a few minutes to pass on my compliments and great appreciation for the superb product your company produces. I ordered a deluxe B-body kit with Magnum upgrade. Due to schedule pressures and other demands on my time, I was behind on my timeline and urgently needed the package. Sadly I'm pretty numb to quality issues and poorly-fitting aftermarket parts, and I expected a huge hassle with installation. However, everything was perfect. The shipping was timely, and the items were carefully packed and clearly marked. The kit was 100% complete, and the instructions and diagrams (both the paper ones and the ones on your website) showed how everything fit together. Most importantly, though, the fit was perfect. I don't exaggerate; everything slid together exactly, and when I pushed the last flange in place against the exhaust manifold, it was spot-on...the last bolts dropped right in. As a military man, I'm just smart enough to know that success is, in part, a team effort. Any one of the folks who work for you could take a good product and translate it into a bad customer experience. But from the initial contact with your company through your web portal, right up to Kelly, the receptionist who took my call and gave me your e-mail, it was evident that you have a lot of hard-working people who go the distance to make a good company something even better. I have been lucky in my occupation to be part of a great team, so I appreciate how rare and wonderful it is. I hope you do, too."  - Captain Bruce Derenski, US Navy

"Just installed my exhaust on my 64 belvedere that I ordered last spring… fit like a glove!!! Thank you. Have a nice weekend." - Mike Villeneuve

I just want to tell you how happy I am with the head pipes and mufflers I recently purchased from your business.  I purchased pipes for a 71 Charger RT and mufflers for the same.  The pipes fit perfectly, just bolted them up and installed the mufflers.  I have to say Accurate is a high quality company.  Even the inside of the pipes had the bur ground off  where they were cut.  The mufflers have the little weep holes just like in the old days on the factory cars.  My car sounds like a Dodge should now.   Great products, keep it up.
Best Regards,
Tim Englar
Mt Airy MD

Our customer Ron Hurwitz stopped by the shop and gave us this picture. 

Ron is the one in the middle.  

Hello everyone at Accurate.


I just finally installed an exhaust system for my slant 6 1966 Plymouth Barracuda I bought from you about 6 weeks ago. This car is not a trailer queen it’s more like a daily driver that hasn’t been driven in over 20 years. It is just garage kept; clean and dry. This is the first exhaust on the car in almost the same amount of time. I purchased the larger system from your shop; I believe it is a 2.25” diameter pipes with the factory style muffler. The kit came with all the clamps and do-dads. I jacked up the car in the driveway today, set it on jack stands and decided to tackle this with simple hand tools in my service truck. About 3 hrs later and my sons (ages 10 and 8; I had to explain every piece and its function at least twice) and we had it in and running. The clearances were excellent, the fit is perfect and shipping; the way you protected the pipe ends and then wrap the pipes before it even hits the box. You really do an excellent job! I am very happy I decided to go this route and buy a system from your company and maybe by summer, the little Cuda will see pavement again.


Thank you,


Gentlemen, lovely Amelia, and everyone at Accurate Exh:
Don Owen here from MD.
I picked up a complete system for my 64 Plymouth Belvedere, at Carlisle back in 2009 or maybe it was 2008.
I recently installed everything and we went on to a very successful initial start up and cam break-in of our 426
street wedge.
Let me just say, unlike so many other parts and components in this nightmare 5 year restoration, your system
is ACCURATE and it fits and sounds PERFECT (as perfect as one can get with an old Mopar).
Thank you very much for your attention to detail and resultant outstanding products.
I may have to stop by your Chryslers Carlisle space and get a handshake...see ya there!
Thanks, Don

Thank you so much for the great exhaust. It fit perfect and looks great. Thanks again for the extra care in wrapping for shipment. Keep up the good work. I will tell all my Mopar friends what a great place to do business with. 
L. Korth

I want to tell you that my order arrived today safe and sound, no problems. I also appreciate the refund, now everything's perfect. I'm also spreading the word to my local Mopar club about your great customer service!
Thanks so much again!



if you're doing a stock-ish restoration then Accurate LTD is the way to go...    we installed their exhaust on a 1970 Charger and it fit PERFECTLY. I unstalled it by myself in a half hour with a smile on my face the whole time...   


" Dan Kimball's 70 6 barrell GTX"

With attention to detail being the theme, Dan’s focus was to restore the car as close as possible to stock condition—including factory defects. The body was removed and the frame got the complete detail treatment. The detailed stock suspension was bolted back on including a front heavy-duty hemi torsion bar and K member as well as heavy-duty hemi SS rear leaf springs. The stock brake system was reconditioned utilizing power disc front and 11x3 drum in the rear. Plenty of HP is supplied from the super-sano, original H.P. 440+6 engine. Tom of Accurate L.T.D. in Roseburg, OR installed the reproduction exhaust. Gears are selected through an original Hemi 4 speed and rear wheels spin via an original Dana 60 rear end with 4:10 gears. -D.Kimball


I bought an entire exhaust system from Accurate for my 67 Barracuda with 273 and stock manifolds. I chose their single exhaust system and it fit perfectly. It took less than an hour to install from start to finish and everything came with it. It sounds great too! I would highly recommend them.


I have the Accurate LTD tailpipes on my #s matching 73 340 Dart Sport. They fit like a glove.


I highly recommend Accurate LTD and have their 2.5" tailpipes and A-body tips on my Duster but I made my own headpipes. Tom is a very nice person to deal with also. I believe if you mention Moparts or are a member you get 10% off. My built 340-4spd breathes just fine through their pipes and Dynomax Ultraflow mufflers.

If your car is 100% stock I'd go with Accurate LTD as TTI's uses a different mounting setup. The hanger is welded on the tailpipe not the tip so it's not factory looking.

Your pocketbook will like you more if you go with them....


Hello, I recently purchased two of your ACM-6056 Hemi mufflers for my 72 Polara, although my car is a C-body and not a B-body they fit excellent!!!!

Even more is the sound...OHHHHHH that beautiful sound....
Tonight we drove "SARGE" (our nickname for the car) up to the lot where we all hang with our cars...EVERYBODY wanted to know what happened to it, it sounded great before but NOW its even better.  The best comment tonight was "now THATS what a copcar should sound like."  Yes a copcar because Sarge is a 1972 Polara California Highway Patrol Pursuit Special.  A very rare and powerful car built with one purpose in mind...TO CATCH MUSCLE CARS !!!!  Now it sounds like it...
Thank you again for a great product, we will be using ACCURATE Exhaust on all our other police cars and muscle car restorations.
Mark Mroz


I made time over the Christmas Holiday to install the exhaust system you built for my 6-cylinder Dart. All the connections assembled together perfectly. It is an exact duplication of the factory installed system.
Nice job!
Thank you,
Larry Masters   


Thanks again for all the help with the exhaust system for my car, I'm VERY happy with the way it has turned out. The exhaust system that you provided was a lot easier to bolt on than I thought. Everything bolted right up with virtually no modifications or alterations either to the car or the system.
All the parts fit right together like they were made for each other and thecar, and she sounds perfect. I am very pleased and would definitely use you again for a new system in the future. Thanks again, Wil.


Dear Tom and Amelia,
It was great meeting you both at Carlisle. You folks are one of the nicest Mopar vendors I have dealt with in my 10 years in the hobby - and It was truly impressive to have Tom crawl under my 1967 Coronet with my Dad to make sure I achieve the correct looking exhaust system. Your willingness to help us with this "one off" conversion (with chrome tips) was outstanding - and rare these days to get such great service!  I'll certainly recommend your exhaust systems every chance I get because your knowledge of Mopars, and what was "'factory correct" for these cars is unmatched!
It will be a pleasure working with you when I get ready to order my exhaust system.
Tom Gronowicz and Dad - Igor.
Hi Tom,
Just wanted to let you know that I just completed installing the exhaust system on my 1970 Road Runner. After we had spoke by phone regarding my specific application requirements, you were correct that even though I had the "mini" starter, I had to remove it to connect the H-pipe flange on the driver side. After that, it was smooth sailing all the way. Your parts fit exactly PERFECT in every way. I don't think I have ever had anything go together as smooth as this went and in record time. Once I got the starter removed, it took me exactly 38 min. to complete the installation and that was lying on by back under the car. I can't thank you enough for all your advise, customer service, quality parts, and for the super fast delivery of the system. I am a VERY SATISFIED customer.
Thanks again and take care,
Bob Collins
Mesa, Arizona


Perfect!  Everything was there, everything fit perfectly!  The best experience I ever had installing an exhaust without a doubt.


Just a note to say thanks. Just had installed the complete stock exhaust system for 66 B-Body Dodge 383 dual exhaust with turndowns which I bought a few weeks ago. Quality, Quality, Quality can't say it enough.  All the pieces fit like a glove. It looks great and sounds just right. Please pass my thanks on to your entire team. Great job guys!
Don't hesitate to use this testimonial if you like. I wish you continued success. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.
Be Well,
Charlie DeLorenzo


I just want to drop a line and let you know that the exhaust flanges arrived here on the east coast evening of the third day..that my friend is service.  Thanks, have placed your website in my favorites for future needs.
Tim Adams
Elko, Ga
1941 Dodge Business Coupe
Big Block 383
Tom, Just wanted to let you know that everything went together nicely. great fit with H pipe and the rest of the system, And I did it on my back! You were right on with those mufflers, very quiet inside, nice throaty sound outside!  
Use me as a  reference any time.  THX Frank NY  
Hi Tom,
           Here are some pics of my 1962 413 Max Wedge Plymouth with your wonderful exhaust system. Absolutely bolted right up in less than 2 hours...NO WELDING!!!!
                                                                           Regards,  Rich Caprio,
                                                                                       Ft. Lauderdale, Fl


Rec'd the 1966 Hemi B-Body tailpipes in April and had an opportunity to install them this weekend. All I can say is WOW! These went on so easy, and the alignment was right on to all the body contours. The angle of the pipes and tips looks perfect now compared to the older aftermarket set I had on.
We had only replaced the tailpipes at this time since the factory mufflers and H-Pipe were in good condition. It all went together quite easy and required no adjustments to the pipes for fit or clearance. The rear hangers fit perfectly.
You guys have done your homework on the tailpipes for this particular Hemi model. I have seen a number of the Belvedere / Satellite exhaust tailpipes in the past years (mine included) that just never had the right "look" at the back of the car. These are great! I can't say enough about how well these look on the car.
I've included a couple of pictures of the installation from today.
Thanks again for these great parts.
Best regards,
John Hart
'66 Hemi Belvedere II



     I would love to add to your comment page.  I ordered T/A mufflers and tips from you a year ago, and finally installed them.  They sound beautiful and look just as good.  You have a very great quality product and I would recommend them to anyone.  Shipping and ordering were a breeze.  I met you personally at carlisle and had a great personality and great advice.  Good luck with everything, I will be ordering again very soon.   Thank you.  1973 Dodge Challenger.
Mike Thomsen
Flemington, NJ
I am really happy with the fit and quality of the system from Accurate LTD.

It took me about 1/2 an hour to install the entire system by myself and I was really being careful not to scrape anything.




Hey all, just "fisnished up" my car and this winters major projects.

I installed a manual disc kit from SSBC and a full new 2.5" H-pipe system from Accurate LTD....

....Accurate LTD's stuff is top notch.  Everything fit nicely.  I got the 2.5" H-pipe kit with their new "high-flow" Hemi replacement mufflers.  These seem to be a straight through baffled design as opposed to their older model which used fiberglass packing.  These have the bent corners as well....
All I can say is wow!  The new sound is incredible!  I couldn't stop driving it!
It has a nice, deep rumbly, throaty growl tone at idle which gets better & better throughout the rpm range.  Absolutely NO DRONING at all...all the sound is out the back with no interior resonance AT ALL!
I highly recommend these to have the best of both worlds...stock looking right down to the bent corners and bad *** tone for performance.

Board Moderator

I have just received my exhaust tips. The quality is excellent and I'm very satisfied. You've made my day.
Thank you so much for your assistance, it certainly was appreciated.
I just purchased a full h-pipe kit for my Charger from Accurate LTD.

Previously, I had Tom's Hemi mufflers in the car and I loved them....I replaced the Flawmastards with them.

With this new kit I got from him, I opted for his new "Performance high flow" Hemi muffler. I wanted something a bit louder than his original mufflers........one word.... AWESOME !
These seem to be a chambered style over the older fiberglass packed style.....the sound is unbeleviable.
They have the same crushed corner look as the other design, but have a deeper, rumbly, throaty sound.

I highly recommend them!


Just a note to say thanks. Just had installed the complete stock exhaust system for 66 B-Body Dodge 383 dual exhaust with turndowns which I bought a few weeks ago. Quality, Quality, Quality can't say it enough.  All the pieces fit like a glove. It looks great and sounds just right. Please pass my thanks on to your entire team. Great job guys!
Charlie DeLorenzo

I recently purchased an entire exhaust system for my 68 Dart 340 from Herb's Part in DE. I also purchased a set of stainless exhaust tips and they are show quality. You'll be happy to know this was by far the most superior product I have ever used. Installation was simple, fast, and Accurate. It is great to see that people such as yourself care so much about providing a high quality product at reasonable prices. Thank you for your contributions to Mopar restoration. Special thanks to Tom who helped Herb in selecting the best system for my car, his knowledge and suggestions were right on.

Ron Vanderhei
68 Dart 340

March 12, 2005


Your tail pipes & mufflers fit as good as they look on my `70 Cuda 440-6.   Nice tone from the mufflers when I " drive it like I stole it".  Thanks for the very personal service over the phone last fall.  I will recommend you to all that ask about my exhaust.

Thanks,  Doug from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
 "Feel free to use me as a reference for your customers "


Randall Writing

To Tom, and the folks at Accurate Ltd.....

I can't thank you enough for bringing my 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T (Full
Vanishing Point replica), up to speed on the exhaust side!  :)

You are "IT" when it comes to making sure everything is just perfect!
And, everything HAD to be perfect, as it was my full intent to make this
car the finest, most "Vanishing Point" detailed Challenger around... :)

I've linked your business site to my "informative links of interest"
sub-link, off of my main page:

The sub link is:

Happy Holidays to you all!  :)

Randall.jpg (24594 bytes)

Smunder.jpg (11604 bytes)

Larry writing     4/3/01

Just a note to tell you that your accurate LTD exhaust system is tops! My ultra rare scorch red, white top and pewter interior, 1 of 28 "Y13" coded "Dealer Demonstrator" wouldn't be complete without your perfect system. The 14 gauge H-pipe allows no exhaust ping, and the Magnaflow mufflers you sold me on sound absolutely perfect! It feels good to deal with a pro on restoration exhaust, great job. You guys are a great asset to the Mopar restoration community.
Titusville, FL"

Larry1.jpg (19508 bytes) Larry2.jpg (27286 bytes)
Ron writing     2/22/01

"Hey Tom- just want to say got the pipes for the daytona on Tues morning and brought them up to the shop.. came home on Tues afternoon, the mufflers arrived.

Went to the shop this morning, but forgot the mufflers so went home, 15mins later back at the shop, the pipes are already installed.. left and went to the parts house, came back about 10mins, the mufflers are on...my buddy said 'best/easiest' system he has ever seen... will start the beast up hopefully tomm. will send a pic, once the wing and nose are on.

Again great system and let me know when u get the pipes for my wifes 67 gtx (440-auto)

Regards, Ron"