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B-Body Mufflers

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B-Body Mufflers
Accurate LTD puts their resources into the quality and performance of each and every muffler. From factory style quiet hemi mufflers to the high flow characteristics of the performance series we have the right muffler for your needs. Not sure which muffler would be best for your application? Give us a call @ (541) 672-2661 and ask for tech.
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Muffler ACM-6052 2.25" I.D In/Out Factory Style for 62-65 applications
ACM-6052MW Max Wedge applications(2.50" I.D. inlet and 2.25"I.D. outlet) [+$10.00]
ACM-6885 Factory style replacement-2.25" I.D. inlet and outlet for 66-74 applications
ACM-6056 Hemi style high performance(2.50"I.D. inlet and 2.25" I.D. outlet) [+$10.00]
ACM-55 Factory appearance except for the 2.50" ID inlet and 2.25" ID outlet
ACM-6900 Hemi style high performance(2.25"I.D. inlet and 2.25" I.D. outlet) [+$10.00]
Accurate LTD mufflers come in many different sizes depending on the customers application or desire. One thing is sure, they are the best looking and sounding units you can buy without busting the bank. These units will make your Mopar sound and breathe right whether installed on a max-wedge or hemi powered pavement burner.

(Factory style replacement 2.25" ID x 2.25" ID) (#ACM-6885) For  2-1/2" Headpipes/Hpipe 2.50" ID x 2.25" ID (#ACM-55 or ACM-6056 performance)
Hemi High Flow in 2-1/4 available.  For more agressive exhaust.Max Wedge Muffler-2.50" ID x 2.25" ID (ACM-6052MW) Our ACM-6052 mufflers can be used on later b body applications as well.Construction consists of three chamber, double wrap and aluminized design. The corner dents are as originals. Our headpipes and tailpipes will compliment these beauties for many years of trouble free service.

Warranty : Accurate LTD warranties mufflers for workmanship and materials only. Sound level and exhaust note are not warrantied as each car can be designed different in cam profile, induction and other factors. Backfires can cause the muffler to be damaged as this is the weakest link in the exhaust system and are not covered by warranty.  Damage caused by internal or external corrosion of any exhaust component including mufflers is not covered by warranty. Acidic moisture caused by modern fuels and short engine runs is known to corrode and damage exhaust components from the inside out even with the best of materials.

ACM6056 Mufflers


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